Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Beheading of Soldiers: Ten Questions Generals are Not Asking Govt?

1. Why are there no adequate legal framework to support counter insurgency operations of the military and CAPF? We all know AFSPA is an incomplete law and has no provisions for timely trials of arrested terrorists?

2. Why are more soldiers punished in court martial for human right violations than terrorists punished in civil courts?

3. Why is Indian defense policy so defensive in nature that it aims only on creating marginal military superiority over adversaries and not decisive edge?

4. Why are govts not focusing on delivery of good governance as lack of it fuels insurgency? Good governance means 1. least corruption 2. Efficient justice system 3. Sensitive and responsive public govt inter phase and 4th Inclusive growth.

5. What are the political social and economic plans of the Govt to solve insurgency? In absence of same army can not keep loosing soldiers?

6. What is the foreign policy to solve major disputes having military bearings? It directly impacts military preparedness and response? India is asking US to declare Pak a rouge nation but not doing herself so. The proposal of Sh Rajeev Chandra Shekhar MP to declare Pak a terrorists nation blocked by BJP.

7. Why is govt following a soft policy which is detrimental to moral of soldiers? Like constant abusing and beating of solders by public or not taking legal actions killers of soldiers like Yasin Malik. First time in Indian history we see such videos where soldiers being beaten by public.

8. When the pot is boiling still why is Govt ignoring key issues like 7th pay commission, total career packages less than police, harassment of soldiers and their families in hands of civil criminals and goondas and grabbing of their properties? How can Army maintain high morals if this continues?

9. Why are key modernization projects of  armies being constantly ignored? In modern wars armies with inferior equipments will only deliver defeats?

10.  What is the long term Indian Defense Policy so that military can prepare its doctrine and accordingly prepare itself? There is no defense minister, NSA has no military leadership experience, military lacks integration, civilian like Ram Madhav with no security exposure call shots and military is not part of decision making.