Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What shall be the leadership Profile Of President? Ten Key Questions?

1.       Is he capable of providing political leadership as president to the country, within framework of constitution?

2.       Is he has enough experience and knowledge to make right political and constitutionally correct judgments?

3.        Is he capable enough to give right advice to PM in case he or she is deviating from constitutionally assigned path?

4.       Is he mature enough to support PM keeping national interests in mind.

5.       Is he has qualities to understand military dimension of power, defense needs and its effect on geo-politics?

6.       Is he has required judgment to take right military decisions in case of political crisis?

7.       As supreme commander of defense forces is he has leadership qualities to inspire soldiers?

8.       Is he has right connect with military veterans?

9.       Is he graceful enough to represent country in international forums and conducts himself well?

10.   Is he has the required personality to take military salutes?  

Citizens of the country please make judgment with above ten key questions. Political parties will surely like to put someone who is just a rubber stamp? Let us clear be clear the kind of military powers President has he is not a Rubber Stamp but competent enough to check political deviations from constitutionally valid path?