Tuesday, August 30, 2016

India-US Partying Again; Military Logistics Pact and Geo Politics in South Asia and Asia Pacific Region

India and US have signed a Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) which was first mooted by USA almost 20 years back. In early this year, US designated India as major defense partner. India and USA have also been working on advance technology trade initiative. 

LEMOA is a substantial enabling pact which will take call on major logistics support needs of both the country on case to case basis. US and India are also discussing on signing of Communication and Information Security Memorandum of Agreement (CISMOA) and the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA). Unless these two pending agreements are signed it looks, US will still not able to comply with domestic laws to transfer key technology to India in spite of India being designated as major defense partner. 

Indian insistence to create a structure of neutrality in the agreement has been a major reason of delay in signing of these pacts. India at no step, wants to give an impression of this agreement pitching her against any country like Russia or China. India also wants to retain freedom to sign similar agreements with any other power. 

Geo political dynamic in region are very complex. Is India making a right choice? 

The signing of agreement is surely a drift in Indian defense policy. India till 62 war with China, was an undeclared US ally.  62 war ended with Nehru breaking his party with US in a very mysterious way and asked US Generals to vacate south block.  Nehru took assistance of Russia and reached unsigned agreement with China wherein China unilaterally declared ceasefire and withdrew her forces back. Dalai Lama who had escaped to India from Tibet, on assurance of India and USA liberating Tibet, was deserted in between. Nehru betrayed Tibetan cause and since then Dalai Lama is stuck in India as refugee. 

Nehru took India closer to Soviet Union which annoyed USA. USA did try taking revenge, when their war gamed attack plans were used by Pakistan to attack India in 1965 war. USA provided much superior weapon system to Pakistan.  In war, Pakistan did caught India on wrong footing. Indian army was then inferior in technology and weapons system than Pakistan.  Thanks to valour of Indian military leadership and soldiers who fought much superior enemy stalling their attacks. Pakistan military leadership failed to press attacks. India after holding the Pakistani attacks launched counter attacks. Pakistan was low on ammunition holding ( a fact which India was not aware) and superpowers intervened  forcing both parties to end war in a draw with some military advantages to India. In talks Shashrti threw away partial victory and signed Tashkand agreement.

Indra realizing a gap in Indian protective shield and at cross roads, signed a Friendship Treaty with Soviet Union having a security cooperation clause in it.  The treaty provided India a much required defensive protection which was used by India in 71 war against Pakistan to prevent USA and her allies to influence outcome of war. The brilliant military leadership under FM Sam Manekshaw gave a historic unprecedented military victory over Pakistan  giving birth to Bangladesh.  The military victory was thrown away by Indra when she signed Shimla Agreement. India lost best opportunity to settle dispute over Kahmir forever. Indra helped Bhutto to let him win elections in Pakistan on promise that he will return the favour when Indra goes for elections back in India. 

Till actually 90s, Pakistan had influence over minority votes in India due to common relationship and cross border marriages and Congress could never annoy this huge vote bank. This peculiar situation was one of the reason of Shastri and Indra throwing away military gains in dustbins. Muslim minority votes were key to place Congress in power than promoting national interests. It was only after 1990s that young Indian Muslims started  dissociating themselves from Pakistan and connecting more with their Indian identity. Indian Muslim girls started refusing marrying Pakistanis. This shift in minority stand followed by dalits deserting Congress has been the real reason of down fall of congress in Indian politics.  

In all these years, USA helped Pakistan keeping Kashmir dispute alive and pot boiling with violence basically to use it to pressure India. USA ignored Pakistan arming Afghans and Punjabi jehadis with US arms and sending them to Kashmir to create violence. USA also ignored or indirectly assisted Pakistan arming herself with nuclear weapons and missiles much before India. US military presence in Pakistani bases provided her collateral security and prevented Indian army attacking her during "OP PARAKRAM" and Kargil war. Possibility of US assistance and protections umbrella being used by Pakistan during Kargil war can not be ruled out.  

Rise of China and tremendous increase in her capabilities to project military power globally has changed Geo political dynamics in Asia Pacific region. Return of Russia as a much more modern military power armed with modern sophisticated weapon systems has made Geo political situation for US global military power  more complex. USA lacks military capabilities to win three regional theater wars and is in urgent need of regional partners and allies and India provides her the best choice in Indian Ocean and far east. 

Pakistan; legally an ally of USA, having sensed  US desperation is keeping her options open and has shown more inclination towards China to prevent USA coming closer to India and also using this opportunity as hard bargain tool. USA has been trying to create a balancing act and helping both countries to resolve Kashmir through dialogue. Pakistan also finds it as an ideal opportunity to play her aggressive military actions supported diplomacy to force India to come to her terms. No wonder Kashmir is boiling.  deteriorating situation in Kashmir also gives an opportunity to USA to ask India to sign proposed agreements to pull out India into her block against rising China and Russia. 

Some experts are talking of a possibility of emergence of China Pak Axis. Seeing Pakistan's too overconfident behavior brandishing nukes on every opportunity, the same can not be ruled out.  Pakistan is now directly connected with China through Karakoram Highway. Pakistan moving to Chinese block with India drifting to US will create a serious military situation for India. Indian military power in present shape is not capable to fight and win two front wars with China and Pakistan together. Emergence of doctrine of hybrid wars have provided space for military conflicts below threshold levels of nuke wars. It provides a space for these two countries together to attack India. Such military conflicts if fueled can attack Indian heartlands directly creating a crisis for Indian existence. 

Pakistan also carries a risk of her own disintegration with more visible internal faultiness becoming which could be turned violent easily.  If Pak presents Baluchistan to China surely enough first strong reaction will come from USA. India and USA together can work to thwart Chinese inroad in South Asia. Will Pakistan risk that?

India lacks strong defense industrial base, her defense R&D is weak. Economy is exposed to crony capitalist interferences and business interests are more aligned with USA. Coup phobia among corrupt and greedy politicians makes them see Indian military as threat which they want to keep weak. Bureaucracy is also corrupt and self serving and least bothered about services to people. Judiciary is not only corrupt but takes decades to dispose off cases. GDP growth projected as impressive if adjusted against inflation and population growth is actually in negative. Certain caste lobbies in minority, control political power and more then 90% of national cash flows. These minorities controlling governance, since Independence have been talking about India emerging as soft power. Much required militarization is seen as a threat by this soft power promoting ruling lobby as bulk of fighting soldiers in Indian military come from rural areas from certain opposite castes combinations. 

India like after 1962 and 65 wars, when Indra had to sign friendship treaty with Soviet Russia, is again at the cross roads. Military capabilities can not be built overnight and take at least 2o to 25 years. Lobbies controlling power and money doesn't want  militarization which will make certain isolated opposing castes more powerful. China is posing threat with a much strong power and modern technology and not willing to adjust on border dispute unless certain tracts like Tawang are given back to her. No Indian politician has vision or guts to make adjustments on borders to settle much needed dispute. Naturally they are now running towards USA for a protective shield. 

Clouds of WW III in hybrid form are looming. All major powers are desperate to create favorable power balance. Indian promise of neutrality as being harped now, will not stand to pressure as Indian economy is exposed and more aligned to USA and if US becomes major technology partner  in defense naturally it leaves no space except aligning with USA. In any case Indian global positioning in geographical terms connects it more to the Geo Politics in Indian ocean region which is dominated by US navies. In present situation when there is no hope of resolving disputes with China,  it makes more sense for India to align with USA.  

But is it so easy? Geo Political dynamics as explained above, makes Pakistan more influential than India. Pakistan is in better position to tilt power balance either in favour of China or USA in the region. Naturally she is bargaining hard and dictating terms. Politics in middle east specially stand of Saudi Arabia and Turkey has more influence on Pakistan than USA. China and Russia have been trying hard to convince them to opt for strategy shift. Situation in Syria has made things more complex. Though at one point of time it appeared that Saudi and Turkey may think of moving out of US influence but their geographical locations and distance from China makes them more dependent on Europe and USA and that possibility is ruled out. With Saudi and Turkey not able to break cords with USA will it be possible for Pakistan to drift away from USA? Looks NO? 

However, if Russia pitches to provide energy security to Pakistan, it surely gives her an option to associate with China. But Pakistani integration with Middle East and USA is so strong that it will surely be not an easy option for her. With US military influence in Afghanistan and Pakistan having visible and strong internal fault lines, it becomes more difficult for her to do so. 

Pakistan in present situation will surely try to bargain hard on Kashmir and that what they are doing right now.   

Indian choices are limited and it appears no political leader will be able to make decisions on these for next 25 years. Kashmir will be kept alive by her stake holders. China will not settle lesser than taking Tawang. Status quo will remain.   

How the Geo political situations unfold, only time will tell but one thing is sure. Minority ruling lobby of this country will keep India militarily weak and in time of crisis will opt for a super power providing her security. In 71 war it was Soviet Russia and now it is USA. A country having hundreds of years of history of slavery is still deep in coma. Corruption and greed for political power among minority ruling lobby playing dirty power politics of division, hate, fear and ignorance have made them weak, cowards and infested with coup phobia and they will surely try to outsource national security to a third party. Will Indian trillion dollar economy be able to survive impending clouds of WW III is the moot question? 

Why is India not considering best option of becoming active member of British Commonwealth is also surprising? In fact umbrella of British Commonwealth is the right choice in present situation. It provides India more options and will absorb US aggression in better way.

India has no choice except to build her defense R&D , defense industrial base and her military. Nukes gives fall sense of security and with weak military exposes the nation to global pressures. A trillion dollar economy can surly not survive without a strong military power.  Soft power under umbrella of a third party security will keep India weak and vulnerable for ever. India can not be compared with Japan under the protection umbrella of USA and she has a very strong economy and retains the capacities to build her forces in a short time. Japan maintains a strong defense R&D and industrial base. The strategy of developing India as soft power and as promoted by minority caste based lobby which controls political power in India, will fall flat in hours of crisis risking disintegration of the country.

India has no choice but to build a strong military power. let good sense prevail. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Myth & Reality; There will be No wars in South Asia as Nuke Parity Exist

Nukes do deter wars as part of military power of any nation specially so if parity or near parity exists between adversaries but saying that there will be no war is also not correct. Since the time when Russia and USA went nuclear, chances of industrial war at the scale of WW II have surely diminished as nukes and emerging advanced technologies changed the wars strategies. In spite of nukes, wars have not stopped but its shape has changed. 

In spite of being nuclear power, Soviet Russia faced withdrawal in Afghanistan against US backed forces and disintegrated. In spite of nukes, frequency of short limited wars have gone up where in more civilians are being killed. In spite of nukes, revived Russia and USA are fighting their wars in Syria. In fact, wars in Iraq were also triggered due to Russia and EU encouraging Saddam to dump dollar and accept other currencies for oil trade.  In spite of nukes, more and more hot spots like South China sea are heating up.In spite of Nukes, Russia has split Ukraine. In spite of nukes, most powerful nations have increased their defense spending and preparing for WW III now. . 

Arrival of robotized  weapon systems integrated with artificial intelligence assisted war management, has increased more chances of war. The shape of WW III will not be the same as WWII. The shape of WW II was not same as WWI.  Military war doctrines and strategies do changes with time and advent of technologies make tremendous impact. As long humans are infested with greed, wars will remain. The WW III will surely not be fought purely for defending territorial empires but economic one and accordingly war doctrine of hybrid wars has emerged. 

Since Independence, Indian military has never been equipped to fight wars at the scale of WW II. Indian military is a pure defensive force designed to fight short wars focusing more on territorial defense than destruction of enemy forces. The strategy itself cuts the potential of military power by almost 70%. Nukes in South Asia, have also not deterred wars. Just after India and Pak arming themselves with nukes, Kargil war happened which lasted for almost 3 months.

In following situations, in spite of India having nukes, in next 25 years the war can not be avoided:

1. Pak China join hands and convert red insurgency within India into a serious military threat in Indian heartland of UP and Bihar or

2.  Pak China join hands to capture Kashmir with Leh going to China and valley to Pakistan. Or

3. Indian and Chinese navies fight battles in Indian ocean for its dominance. Or

4.  Pak disintegrates and India launches military campaign with USA to save nukes falling in hands with Islamic Jehadis. Or some Islamic Jehadi take Pak nuke in control and fires it on India. Or

5.  India fights wars in middle east or in Afghanistan or in South China Sea to protect national interests. Or

6.  Already simmering tension as prelude to WW III forces India to take sides.

and some more.

In fact in the emerging scenarios, Indian military needs more modernization and be ready to fight wars not only beyond borders but within borders too. The threat is real specially so when Indian economy has made arrival globally. Modern wars will be fought not only to capture territories but attack economic frontiers and its core. The force structuring of Indian military and present strategy is totally outdated and needs doctrinal shift as early as possible. The shagging moral of Indian military soldiers due to humiliating treatments by 7th Pay Commission, is also sending wrong signals to India's potential enemies. No wonder in Kashmir, Pak has increased her attacks and India is on defensive. 


Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pakistan Selling Terror to Terrorized World. 22 Pak Members Of Parliament Being Send as Envoys on Kashmir

Nawaz Sharif Govt has announced sending 22 selected members of parliament to various part of the world to draw global attention to the alleged atrocities in the Kashmir and so called home grown freedom struggle. 

Pakistan is trying hard to convince the world that:

1. Violence in form of stone pelting on Security Forces in Kashmir Valley are not terror acts but home grown mass freedom struggle.

2. Pakistan is forced to support these so called freedom fighters politically and morally in light of Kashmir dispute as unfinished agenda of Indian partition and also UN resolution.

3. Indian allegations of Pakistan supplying arms and sending across terrorists are false and baseless.

Pakistan believes that their diplomatic blitzkrieg undertaken globally will help her create a favorable global opinion on Kashmir and force India to come on negotiation tables in spite of she fueling proxy war in valley. It will help Pakistan to talk with India from position of strength and get a solution what she wants.

Indian stand is that, talks on Kashmir are meaningless as long as terror activities and proxy war in Kashmir are being sponsored by Pakistan. Peace is a precondition for any meaningful talks.

Proxy war in Kashmir being fueled by Pakistan and only 5% of Sunni Muslims with Radicalized Jehadi mindsets supporting her is a known fact to the whole world. Pakistan is sponsoring these radicalized mindsets to brew trouble in India. 

World peace today faces a real threat from Radicalized Islamic Jehadi barbaric violence. Will the terrorized world accept Pakistani argument of home grown freedom struggle when the role of such Jehadi mindsets in Kashmir violence is a well known? Certainly Not.

Pakistani Prime Minister Navaz Sahrif knows the above fact well but he is still creating a deceptive illusion for fooling the people of Pakistan. Sharif is loosing the grip on his votes in Pak Punjab and is likely to face a defeat in next elections. In last elections, he won with support of internationally banned terror organisations like Lashkar-E-Toiba. Pakistani education system inserts the hate India psychology among poor youths which acts as nursery to terror organisations like Lashkar or Taliban and even ISIS (as also alleged by Afghanistan). No Pakistani politician who wins elections based on his support in Pak Punjab, can ignore this nursery of terror. Naturally it is compulsive on Nawaz to keep this terror mind set satisfied by creating such lies and deceptive violent smoke screens as Pak is creating now on Kashmir.

22 Members of Parliament will surely enjoy world tour on public money and also help Nawaz to keep Kashmir pot boiling till his next elections. Boiling Kashmir pot also helps BJP in India, to impress their voters under their plans to incite emotions of nationalism and threat of Islam. 

With the present pattern of activities, it looks that Kashmir pot will be kept boiling for some time now as it is a win win situation for BJP and Nawaz Sharif both. Whereas people will keep suffering and solider will be tired being on guard 24*7.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Part of Kashmir Valley is Boiling. What is Pak Game Plan? Why is India so Defensive?

Some districts of Kashmir Valley are under curfew for last 50 days due to street protests and violence. More than 60 people have died and more than 2000 injured.

A new pattern of violence is emerging, wherein mostly teenage boys are being used  for pelting stones by suspected Pakistani agents and criminals as shield to their designs for some larger games. Surprisingly even after 50 days, the street violence is not stopping in spite of heavy deployment of police forces and curfew. To avoid heavy causalities police forces are using pallet guns and taking a beating from the crowd. More police force personals have been injured than the rioters. Ground reports suggest demoralized police forces leaving posts at some places forcing central govt to rush BSF. Intense signs of worries are visible on faces of Home Minister and CM of the state. Army has been removed from the eyes of the public wherever possible. Army with RR has increased their anti terror operations along LOC and also in suspected areas resulting in killing of many terrorists. Certain restriction on internet has been imposed. Known separatists leaders living in state protection enjoying state perks are still active on social media inciting violence. 

Today CM Mehbooba made a desperate appeal to trouble creators to give her a chance. Similar weak and desperate calls are coming from Home Minister: Raj Nath Singh. Initially he declined to go to valley to meet people, now he is planning a second visit. PM is firm and talking tough including giving calls for world to take note of human rights violations in Baluchistan and also calling Pakistan to vacate POK but even in this talk some traces of defensive tone can be noted. Defense Minister is silent except making a childish comment of Pak being a hell. Army Chief probably has no clearance from govt to speak. Northern Command GOC made an appeal for calm and all parties to step back for peace and talks. 

Involvement of Pakistan needs no debate and same is so predominantly visible. Pak has stepped up her attempts to take the matter to international forums. UN has declined to intervene calling both countries to resolve the issue amicably. USA has again called both parties to talk and resolve the disputes by talks. Russia is silent and is likely to back India. Some murmur from China can be heard but she is yet to come openly in support of Pakistan. Afghanistan is backing India and Iran is silent. OIC made a usual statement with diplomates from Arab countries later calling India in confidential telling not to worry (it has been a practice by Arab Countries for last 3-4 decades). 

Overall India standing on defensive foot is clearly visible. Policy confusions and knees jerk actions on part of Govt are visible. Pakistan is making calls for India to come for talks on Kashmir dispute whereas India has responded to talk on issue of terror. 

The way events have unfolded in valley, it looks to be under well planned strategy by Pakistan. Trouble is sustaining itself indicating well planned strategy. As per Indian govt report more than Rs 80 crores have been sent by Pakistan to separatists leaders in Kashmir. 

Indian intelligence has once again proved to be a failure wherein they failed to read the Pakistani plans and also could not stop funding. Though Indian Army was well prepared for operations and actually their success rates have gone up but troops are puzzled with the meek response from the govt. 

No unusual buildup of troops or usual firing on LOC is reported except once. There is a mysterious silence in military activities creating more alert and caution in experienced minds. 

Separatist leaders have given call for people to march tomorrow to local army formation HQ in Srinagar and ask army to vacate valley. The situation seems to be tense but under control. A large portion of the population is not supporting the violent path. People are suffering and business has stopped. Most want some way out to emerge. The violence lacks mass and momentum. Heavy deployment of troops is more than enough to manage any contingency. 5% people fermenting trouble in small region surely can not make a serious dent. 

Behavior and conduct of Indian media and many opposition leaders almost talking in favor of violence mongers is something not palatable.  

In the given situation surely enough, few questions do emerge. 

1. Why did intelligence failed to read the trouble brewing specially when it was clear that state govt was releasing certain separatist leaders known to be close to Pakistan and who were arrested on charges of inciting children to pelt stones on the troops earlier? State govt had recently released few hundred children who were in jail on stone pelting charges and arrested a year before. 

2. How could Pakistan fund the separatist leaders in Kashmir avoiding detection from Indian intelligence agencies?

3. Why is there so much confusion in Govt policy makers? Initially they decided  not to talk with leaders in Kashmir and now they are rushing for talks. 

4. Why very weak and meek statements and gestures are coming from Govt suggesting India being on defensive? 

5. Why has govt failed to take all political parties on board creating a situation wherein these parties have chosen to make certain unpalatable statements contradicting the national interests?

6 Why has media been not issued advisory for not crossing certain lines and harming national interests? 

7. Why has such policy been accepted where in police force like CRPF has been forced to accept beating affecting their moral? More CRPF personals have been injured than the rioters.

8. Why are there no alternative plans like occupying houses and their roof tops dominating streets or using some other methods? There are enough such options?

It is puzzling, that on one side violence doesn't allow normal life to return on other side govt is taking no tough stand against separatist leaders and arresting those who are organizing and using children for pelting stones  on the security forces. Separatists leaders like Geelani continue to enjoy fruits of state protections and perks including pensions. No attempts have been made to choke funding of separatists through hawala in spite of army harping on it for last three decades. Even at one point of time USA also cautioned India to control the funding through hawala.

In geo political and military sense, present trouble makes no major difference except creating a ripple in form of some heightened activities which Indian forces are quite capable to manage. In diplomatic circles too the trouble doesn't change the shape and structure of the dispute and agreements. It also doesn't change the stands of the parties involved. The trouble also doesn't give any advantage to Pakistan except she making some noises in international forums with no impact. 

Then what is the game plan of the Pakistan?   Why is Indian response so confused and not firm? 

It is not an unknown phenomenon in politics of South Asia where in trouble like this are triggered to create political advantage by the parties in power.  Shimla agreement was signed by Indra throwing away the advantage of military victory and national interests to win elections. Indra also bailed out Bhutto by signing this agreement and helped him win elections in Pakistan. Such violence help politicians in polarizing people to create advantage of votes. Key elections in Punjab and UP are due. Nawaz Sharif in Pakistan was also  losing political grip.  Such issues like Kashmir are also kept alive by politicians by creating trouble like present one to create political power balance in their favor. BJP can use this issue to incite passions of nationalism and create polarization for votes. Similarly Nawaz Shairf in Pakistan has been successful in regaining his loosening political control. Past events suggest Cong having Pakistan connection probably with PPP. It appears BJP has created a Pakistani connect with PML - N wherein with this trouble in Kashmir both parties reap political benefits in their respective counties.

Politicians of South Asia play dirty politics whereas people suffer. Soldiers get killed or injured. Economic growth of  the country gets affected. The present trouble in Kashmir makes no geo political or military sense unless their are some larger plans which may unfold in time and if not then surely enough these are dirty ploys of politicians in power in both the countries.

Let good sense prevail and peace return. 


Indian Farmers; Certain Myths and Facts - Destruction of Indian Rural Economy

Generally people not connected with farming have certain myths about Indian farmers, This log tries to dispel same:-

Myth No 1. Farmers pay no Tax?

Fact No 1. False. All farmers pay tax in form of annual land revenue tax to state govt. Some states gives relief to small farmers. When farmers sell their products in Mandis, they pay mandi tax.

Myth No 2. Farmers pay no income tax?

Fact No 2. If parameters of business are applied then actually farmers have no income. It is actually in negative.  Just consider following facts

1. All farming lands are owned by state. Farmers only have tilling rights in form of a patta. Farmers tilt land to grow food for the sate to create food security which is so important for national survival.

2.  Rates of the farming products are fixed by govt under a unfavorable formula which is only followed in India. Farmers have no say in same.

3. Farmers are required to sell their products in fixed mandis which helps govts to control the movement of their products.

4. While fixing the price price of products, farmers labors and labor as hired is not taken as cost. In fact most of the farmers earn less then minimum wages of laborer.

If seen in light of above facts, govt has no ground to impose income tax on farmers as in real terms as applied in business there is no income? Govts are shamelessly hiding this fact and taking the credit of not imposing income tax.

Myth No 3. Some farmers are big landlords?

Fact No 3. There are no big landlords as is the impression. Average land holding of farmers is less than 1 acres and in same land they earn far lesser than a Govt peon. Most of the sates have land ceiling acts and they cant hold land beyond a limit. Like in UP max land holding limit is 15 acres. Not even .5% farmers hold such land and even in this land holding farmers income in best of the irrigated land is lesser than a Govt supervisor. Please note that no such land ceiling applies on land holding on businessman.

Myth No 4. Farming is a profitable business? 

Fact No 4. As explained above farming is a business of loss. Most of the farmers earn lesser than laborers. In fact farmers earn far lesser than the min interest value of market price of their land.

Myth No 5. Govt pays good price for the products of the farmers?

Fact No 5. False. Actually govt is exploiting farmers as bonded laborers. Price fixing formula of the govt doesn't give desired consideration to factors like, labor cost, inflation, market price fluctuations, drought etc. It is actually a cost minus model which is solely driven by negative market price swings of the international market and govt's wish to pay.  The advantage of positive market swings are never passed on to the farmers. In addition not all products of the farmers are covered under assured minimum pricing of the govt. In these products middleman make huge profits. Farmers have no control on the supply chains of the their products which are actually controlled by the businessmen.

Myth No 6. Govt pays huge subsidies to farming sector. 

Fact no 6. The share of farming subsidies are only 20% of the total subsidies bill of govt of India. If bad debt of industries is added into this, than share of relief provided to farmers dips to less than 5%. Please note that almost 40% people in India depend on farming. In fact subsidies in PDS actually harm farmers as a bulk of such cheap products come back in market through black channels bringing down the market price. Even controlled bank loans given to farmers have high interest rates though  lower than the commercial loans.

Myth No 7. Govt is very sensitive to farmers need?

Fact No 7. False.

Govt after govts are ignoring farmers forcing them to commit suicide. It has a strong caste dimension.

Political power in India has been in hands of those castes which traditionally come from non farming sectors. Due to caste based structure of Indian society, mostly martial castes (from all sections including, muslims, some brahman castes and tribal) hold land. Rural dalit workers were depended on farmers. It was a well integrated rural economy. Earlier kings did not pay salaries to soldiers instead they gave them land to survive. Soldiers came from such farming families. Military leaders came from Zamindar and small princely states. After independence, political power was passed on to the non martial composition of castes by British deliberately to keep India weak.

Cong remained in power on Brahmin+Musim+Dalit votes and saw martial castes as threat. Congress promoted the concept of soft state and under garb of socialism, worked to marginalize farmers and soldiers. Princely states were abolished, their privy purses were abolished in 71 ( taking advantage of victory of 71 war), Zamindai abolished, land ceiling act brought in to snatch farmers land and make them economically weak, price control regime unfavorable to farmers put in place to makes these castes helpless, mandi laws put in place to tightly control supply chains, farmers land was made non bankable unlike business land holdings, soldiers salaries and pensions were reduced drastically bringing down cash supplies to rural market further,

All these actions were taken to basically punish these martial castes and make them politically, socially and economical weak. Dalits were separated out from a well integrated eco system by offering them reservation to the extent of giving them reservation in political structure of the country. This measure brought little change in eco condition of the rural dalits but created new sect of dalit ruling families. BJP like cong also promotes the concept the soft power. That means there is no place for farmers and soldiers in their schemes. Majority of Dalits also suffer as rural economy is starved of cash flows. Though India suffered and is suffering but  caste based vote bank political games are converting farmers and soldiers into laborers. Instead of developing India, 60% of the Indian population is being pushed in backwardness.

In fact in most of the developing and developed democracies farmers are seen as a tool to provide food security to the nation. Govts therefore place an arrangement to ensure farmers get more than minimum wages  in cost plus profit plus grants model. Govt takes extra care to anticipate international market swings and accordingly advice farmers to increase or decrease products to keep a control over pricing.

Where as in India farmers and soldier suffer due to pure caste based politics to keep castes holding bulk of land, out of political power and also to make them economically weak and socially isolated. Concept of soft power which is yet to be validated is being promoted  at cost of destroying rural economy. No wonder farmers are committing suicide and soldiers are agitating for respectable salaries.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What if President Overrules Orders of PM to Use Nuclear Weapons? Whose Orders Shall Indian Military Follow?

There has been serious ambiguities left in Indian Constitution in relation to management of defence of India. Unlike written constitution of sovereign nations, Indian constitution is silent on political management of defense. India today is a nuclear power. What if President as supreme commander of defense forces overrules PM over orders of firing of nuclear weapons by Military? Whom shall military obey? This is a doubt which exists in many military minds and needs clarification.

To further understand above let us see what does constitution says on management of defence?

Our constitution was actually designed for a dominion nation with No well defined  military responsibilities. It was drafted by British and copied with suitable amendments when India gained freedom.

What was the arrangement during British period just before freedom?

1. Indian military and defense of India was controlled by British Govt in London.

2. Viceroy India only dealt with internal security of India related to law and order and had no jurisdiction over defense of India.

3. Cdr in Chief Indian Army was solely responsible for execution of military strategy as approved by British Govt in London. On military strategy, Cdr in Chief was not required to consult viceroy but only keep him in information loop if required.

4. However to cut the British cost of defense, Indian military was attached to Central Govt of India for administration. All cost of salaries, equipment and administration of military in India  was borne by Indian budget.

5. Ministry of defense was structured only to provide administrative support to military.

While status of dominion of India under commonwealth was being structured not much change in administrative arrangement for defence of India was envisaged.  Though Governor General of India became responsible for immediate border defence of India, however Indian military was expected to evolve a strategy coordinating it with military strategy of Commonwealth.  Structure of Defence Ministry was not tempered and Indian military remained attached with Central Govt of India only for administration respecting independence of military power.

Constitution of free India surprisingly didn't  change the basic arrangement of higher political management of defense. Let us see what does constitution say:

1. Indian military still remains attached with Central Govt of India respecting its independence from political structure of India as was the case during British Period.

2.  Basic structure and role of Defence Ministry remains same as it was during British period to provide administrative support to Indian military bearing its all cost.

3. Instead of Queen in British India or Governor General in Dominion of India, President becomes Cdr in Chief of the Defense Forces. Under article 53 (II) Executive Military Authority has been separated from Executive Political Authority. Under article 53 military power is not subordinate to civil political power. These are two separate hats over the head of president.

4. As per Oath, it becomes responsibility of president to defend India. That means supreme executive military authority is vested in President. PM doesn't take oath to defend constitution. Chief Justice takes oath to defend constitution but only for upholding rule of law.

5. Military Officers are given commission by President and their parchment letters are signed by a military officer under a warrant from President.

6. All higher commander are given certain military powers under authority of warrants given by president.

7.  As per oath of military officers they have to OBSERVE first before OBEYING orders of President and any other military officer put over them as their commanding officers.  Command is legally defined word and can not be delegated or exercised under advice. That means even President can not delegate his powers of command to PM or the powers of command as per definition can also not be exercised on advice. Means while exercising his powers of command, President is not bound by advice of cabinet as military commands are absolute authority.

8. In practice it is Cabinet which advices president in his functions and under article 74 this advice is mandatory on President to follow. On matters of defence it is cabinet committee on security which takes all executive political decisions to advice President.

Now the question is "Is article 74 applicable on Military Authority of Command by the President and his subordinate Military Officers"? Further, article 34 gives military powers to declare martial law suspending civil political authority? There exists a serious ambiguity.

1. What is the correlation between article 74 and powers of military command of supreme commander?  As per legal definition of command it can not be delegated or exercised under advice. Does that means advice of cabinet on military matters are not binding on president and he can exercise his military authority of command without any reference to cabinet?

2. What is the correlation between article 73 and article 34? Article 34 gives powers of declaring martial laws to military commanders.

What if orders of President and Cabinet to military are different? Whose orders military officers shall observe to check its political correctness and then obey it? They take oath to observe and obey the orders of the president. Military orders are absolute in nature. Military officers if go by their oath then shall follow the orders of President and not the PM.

As per law, Military Chiefs hold appointment under a warrant of President. By oath and warrant their loyalties are towards president and not the PM.

Constitution is vague and leaves a serious gap in decision making on matters of defense.

Article 53, in fact demands a law for the president to exercise his military authority. Unfortunately same is missing.

India is a nuclear power today. What if President overrules PM on usage of Nuke?
Defence of India shall not be left into such deep vagueness.

Law makers shall debate this issue and make suitable legal provisions on

1. For President to exercise his military authority in accordance with law as envisaged under article 53.

2. For functioning of Cabinet Committee on Security and process of declaring war and peace by President. Defense of India is as serious a matter as passing a finance bill. Surprisingly procedure on finance bills are so clearly defined but decision making process on defence is missing.

3. To clarify correlation between article 34 and 53 (II) on one hand and article 74 on other.

4. To make laws for service conditions of defense personals under article 309 to 313 removing serious gaps in management of military personals. Practice of defense regulations are more followed under monarchy. Surprisingly Indian military still has many provisions regulated through such regulations and laws are missing.

The vagueness as existing in higher political and military management of defence in India is serious cause of concern specially so when India is a nuclear power. Management of defense of India needs clear constitutional provisions and law makers shall consider same.

Let good sense prevail



Sunday, August 14, 2016


Our democracy is sinking and there seems to be no hope. Crony capitalism is giving impression of owning govts. Political parties are owned by individual leaders or lobbies working with sole purpose of plundering the country. None of the political party has internal democracy. Their sources of funding are not known. Their leaders have no security clearances. We even dont know if many of them are foreign funded. Parliament has been hijacked through a system of whip. Tickets for MPs and MLAs are being sold. Some of them are bring treated like dogs and slapped by their leaders. Justice system has collapsed with corruption and decades of litigation. Administration is rusted and about to crumble. Govt public servants are only working to rewards themselves ignoring good governance for masses. Caste and religion based vote bank politics is dangerously dividing the country.

Democracy has been hijacked and masses are suffering. Martial Law is not the solution as it will bring more miseries and can trigger division of the nation. Armed revolution as being talked by red revolutionaries, will bring more destruction. On horizon, rise of no promising leader or party is seen. People will surely not keep suffering. If their caged anger explodes it will burn the nation to ashes.

Madi was seen as best and last choice when he spoke about only development and one India but he has deceived the masses. He has allowed corrupts, communal and castiests to overshadow his some what good work. In his govt corruption has changed the form. Now criminal rewards at top levels are not in form of bribes but favors to crony capitalists who in turn reward govt public servants through legal channels. It is the copy of the US system of corruption.

What is the choice then? We surely need to bring structural reform in our democracy, bring efficiency in governance, put justice system on rail. Empower member of parliaments and ensure transparent funding and internal democracy in all political parties. There is an urgent need to check if no political leader is foreign or crony capitalist funded. We need to crush corruption in any form. Unless this criminal greed is controlled nation can not develop.

What shall be done? Is there is any choice? YES THERE IS A CHOICE AND NOTA GIVES THAT? How can voting NOTA form a honest and professional govt? Yes it can be done fortunately. Within democratic norms NOTA CAN BE CONVERTED INTO A REFERENDUM TO REJECT CORRUPT DIVISIVE POWER POLITICS OF PLUNDER BY FEW AND LOBBIES.

CONVERT NOTA INTO A REFERENDUM. Voters themselves can convert elections into referendum to reject present corrupt politics. If majority of people vote NOTA that means present politics by corrupt overlords is rejected by people. That means under article 34 of the constitution, Military can back formation of a  "CIVIL NATIONAL GOVT" of honest and professionals. NOTA REFERENDUM mandate from the people is on the assurance that Military Generals will keep away from the Civil National Govt. This govt then shall bring structural reforms and hold elections within five years for mandate of people.

What can be a suggested process to form a Civil National Govt

1. NOTA is taken as referendum by voters and they vote in majority in its favor rejecting present corrupt political system.

2.  Only two constitutional positions take oath to defend constitution. First is president as Supreme Commander of Defense Forces and Second is Chief Justice of India to uphold rule of law. After, the peoples mandate, President, Chief Justice, All three services Chiefs and Cabinet Secy hold discussion and agree on a format.

3. Either supreme commander of defense forces or Senior most military chief on advise of Chief Justice of India declares Martial Law under article 34 and with consent of President and Chief Justice a suitable person is appointed as martial law administrator.

4. Martial Law Administrator passes a decree to form a Civil National Govt of honest and professional persons giving it mandate to bring structural reforms to restore democracy, justice system, governance and administration eliminating corruption and inefficiency.

5. Elections after 5 years are held under new restored constitution and new parliament is formed where restructured constitution and new laws are approved. Martial Law is withdrawn complying with article 34 of the Constitution (retaining it). New Constitution as approved by new parliament is signed by President or new parliament cant form a constituent assembly to debate and approve it. this procedure can be debated by experts and suitably evolved.  

Above is the only best suggested option for the people to bring revolutionary changes peacefully and democratically for best future of our children.


Become a CITIZEN SOLDIER to educate masses about how to use NOTA TO FORM A CIVIL NATIONAL GOVT.


Join discussion on Facebook page of Citizen Soldiers. Like the page and join discussion.



Saturday, August 13, 2016

#JudiciaryUnderAttack? Really? Chief Justice is On Oath to Defend Constitution. What is he doing ? Playing Politics?

As reported in media, Chief Justice of India has expressed his concern over delay in appointment of judges by Govt. His expression has caused a debate in social media.

Let us see action of justice objectively. Chief Justice is well withing his right to to communicate to govt discreetly about his concern in delay of appointment of judges. If govt was not responding he should had taken suo moto cognizance  and asked for govt files in court.

But what has he done? He has chosen to spoke in open media? Why? Obviously he has intentions to create political ripples.

Other related issue is. Has Justice ever taken any action to curb corruptions in courts? Has Justice ever taken any action to reduce decades of litigation to acceptable time limits?

Any citizen of this country expect justice system to deliver justice within maximum three years without causing any disrespect and fear and without him or her paying any bribe? What are the plans for Chief Justice to ensure that? Has he shared any of these?

Justice System in the country has collapsed?

As per constitution only two people take oath to defend constitution? One President as Supreme Commander of Defense Forces and second Chief Justice by up holding rule of law? Please note that PM of India only takes oath of allegiance to abide by constitution.

If the defense and justice system are under pressure than as per oath it is responsibility of Supreme Cdr and Chief Justice to act.

Justice system in the country has already collapsed due to decades of litigation and corruption. No person of self respect like to go to court? Where is truth and where is its victory?

Chief Justice, instead of playing politics, shall seriously do his job and present a plan and execute same to ensure delivery of justice to citizens. Yes delay in appointment of judges is a cause of concern but communicate same with govt discreetly and take action if govt fails to give response.

Let Good Sense Prevail.

Army Captain Beaten by UP Police for Bribe; Will Army Desert Him? @adgpi @manoharparrikar @CMOfficeUP

Army Captain Beaten UP by Police for Bribe; Will Army Desert Him?

A very disturbing report is coming from Faizabad UP; where UP Police has beaten up a serving army Captain for bribe. As per initial reports, Army Captain was on leave and while driving his car there was a minor accident. Matter went to police wherein police asked Captain to pay bribe to hush up incident.  As reported, army captain refused to pay bribe which led to heated argument and police then mercilessly beat up serving army captain in spite of the knowing his identity. 

It is not first time police has beaten soldiers like this. Soldiers, military veterans and their families are in fact increasingly becoming victims of lawlessness and criminal mafia having strong links with corrupt politicians and police. Recently there was a case where father of a serving army Captain was murdered in spite of Captain speaking to SP police and no help was rendered. Few years back mother of serving soldiers was mercilessly murdered. Soldiers launched a massive social media campaign, met every one including home minister even then the criminal who killed his mother was not arrested as he has strong political links.  In Noida last year, a retired army colonel was given no help when his son died in a swimming pool due to criminal negligence owned by a criminal having strong links with politicians. Many soldiers in service and on retirement find their property having been grabbed by their relatives or land mafia. When they go to courts they face more harassment due to corruption in courts and decades of litigations.

It is a serious problem which soldiers and their families face today wherein they find becoming victim of their own criminal and corrupt system. It is easy for soldiers to gain a victory over enemy but these enemies within attacking soldiers are proving to be more fatal.

In such case police will generally resort to a cunning game of covering the case:

1.       They will first create a false counter allegation against Captain and become offensive.

2.       As elections are approaching in UP, State govt is likely to file few cases against police accused where in they are not arrested and suspend few police men.

3.       Police investigation ordered by police will harass captain more by prolonging investigation to protect their own personals. It may take years and at last Captain will give up and army will lose interest in the case.

4.       Even if police files a charge sheet in court against police accused, case will linger on for years creating more harassment of captain. In UP courts corruption is the order of the day. Justice shall not be expected.

What options army has?

1.   Army Chief shall speak to the Chief Minister asking for a judicial inquiry or joint Military – Civil inquiry (Civil Magistrate). Please do not leave to the army cdr as CMs generally don’t give much importance to them. Once judicial or joint inquiry is over, Judge/ magistrate can order registration of cases and arrests of the accused.

2.     If state govt doesn’t agree then army shall go for its own COI. Army COI shall investigate and record statements including police accused and after that recommend criminal cases. Naturally police accused will refuse to attend army court of inquiry. Army has the option to get them arrested through warrants issued from civil courts.

3.      Once Army Court of Inquire is done recommend case for CBI action as no fair play from UP police is expected. Army Court of Inquire can surely recommend that. Central Govt may or may not accept it. Insist on it. If required Chief shall meet PM, Governor and CM for CBI action.

4.       Chief shall make sure in all such cases where serving soldiers or their families become victim of state atrocities. Cases are given for CBI action after due COI by the military.

Now real issue is will army stand up in defense of their officer or will they desert him?   Track record of army unfortunately is very bad. History tells us Army has been deserting their soldiers and officers in such cases leaving them to the mercy of criminal and corrupt system. The attitude of the army of deserting their soldiers in facts encourages criminals more to target soldiers. What army does only time will tell?

Let good sense prevail.

Note: the author as Adjutant of the training center has dealt with one such case. Where he advised his commandant for army COI in spite of state ordering a magistrate inquiry. Army COI created shock waves in police delivering desired results.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Why Shall Soldiers Be Paid More Than Us; Babus Ask @IASAssociation #NDTV #FaujiVsBabu

Last week on NDTV in their program  "We The People" on subject of 7th Pay Commission covered with hashtag #FaujiVsBabu following arguments were put forth by Secy IAS Association and Mr Mathur; Ex Chairman of 7th Pay Commission:

1. As civilians serve for longer periods in terms of their service so they get more pay and pension compare to soldiers. In other words as soldiers serve less in terms of length of service and retire early they are paid less.

2. Indian Military is volunteer force. Soldiers know what will they get so why crib later if you are not paid as well as well civilians.

3. Mr Mathur Chairman argued as Military lives in their own world?

Before coming to these questions, let us understand first how the salary structure of civilians and soldiers are as a principle, fixed world wide by most of functioning democracies keeping in line with best HR practices.

In case of civilians;

International Labor Organisation (ILO) to which India is also a member, fixes basic worker's labour related standards and conventions. ILO has published various standards and conventions including for minimum wages and parity. These standards and conventions are equally applicable to private and govt workers including in organised and unorganized sectors.

So when govt constitutes a pay commission ILO standards and conventions become main terms of reference for negotiations between commission and trade unions. Four issues generally are discussed in length 1. Salaries as per working conditions from hardest to softest. 2. Minimum wages as per work conditions 3. Parity of salaries as per similar work profiles 4. Pension schemes under social security convention.

Please note that principles of parity and minimum wages which is so often spoken about comes out of ILO conventions. Please also note that ILO provisions are only applicable to workers and not the managers.

Once a base line of minimum wages as per work profile and parities are fixed then the salary structure of higher positions are worked out in terms of multiplication factors citing arguments of salaries in private sectors and practices as followed in various other countries. Now various officers associations negotiate with commission for their salaries. For example the salary of Cabinet Secretory shall be X times of a Govt Chowkidar.  Please note that for their salaries there are no international conventions. Associations negotiate based on best practices. Many times these associations build their arguments citing ILO conventions like Parity though the same is not applicable to them. The concept of similar grades and NFU for govt officers have been copied from ILO conventions on parity. The OROP extended to all services are also based on the convention of parity. Three additional increments given to IAS officers are also argued citing ILO convention of work conditions saying they carry additional responsibilities.

Please also note here that ILO conventions do not discriminate between govt workers and workers from private sector. That means the principles of minimum wages and parity are equally applicable to all workers irrespective of their backgrounds. As per ILO convention the minimum wages of workers from govt and private sectors shall be same. That means, if minimum wage of a worker from private sector is Rs 6500 per month then minimum wages of a worker in govt shall not be less Rs 6500 per month. But then how minimum wages for worker in govt sector has been fixed Rs 18000 per months which is almost 3 times more then a worker from private sector? It actually violates the ILO convention on parity and amounts to discrimination by the Indian govt.  It is nothing but a loot by govt employees, officers with connivance of corrupt politicians. 

Now let us come to pension of civilian workers. Under ILO conventions of social security, broadly there are two model of pensions followed world wide for civilians. 1. Assured pensions which are generally called "Pay As You Go". 2. Contributory pension schemes like present NPS for Govt employees. World wide most of the govts have switched from assured pension model of "Pay As You Go' to contributory NPS model as it is not possible for govts to create an assured pension model for all workers from govt and private sectors. India under the obligation of ILO convention on social security has switched from assured pension model to contributory model. But here again Indian Govt is cheating. NPS schemes of workers in private sector is not same as the NPS scheme of govt employees. Govt NPS scheme gives certain minimum assured returns whereas it is not so for NPS schemes of worker from private sector. Keeping in line with ILO conventions world wide most of the democratic govts have same NPS schemes for private and govt workers. 

India in fact is miserably failing in providing required minimum wages and social security schemes to her population but govt civil employees under blessings of corrupt politicians, are on looting spree.

In Case of Soldiers:

Like civilian workers there are no ILO standards for soldiers except a convention on child soldiers debarring it. It itself makes an exception and that is the main reason for most of democratic govt having separate pay commissions or boards for fixing soldiers compensation packages. In fact Indian Govt has no justification for clubbing soldiers in same pay commission of civilian employees as soldiers are out of umbrella of ILO conventions.

Due to peculiarity of jobs requirements of soldiers and their key role in keeping nations and democracies defended  generally following guiding principles are adopted:

1. Citizens  while volunteering  to become soldiers, give life time commitments to defend nations in form of active color service, reservists and stand by military veterans to be called for service in extreme emergencies therefore they require state commitment of life time support. Emergencies like in Iraq where military veterans of even 80 years are fighting ISIS.

2. Citizens while volunteering accept harsh working conditions like working under military laws and giving away their certain freedoms and fundamental rights. Even after retirement their choice to pick up jobs globally are restricted. Like an Indian soldier after retirement will not be able to join armies or companies of hostile nations. Sates therefore have to give life time support guarantees and its a sovereign commitment.

3. A soldier becomes progressively unproductive for intense battles after a certain age or as his age increases and has to be superannuated, therefore for all compensation packages soldiers color service till when he is retired, is considered as full service and deserves maximum benefits. For better understanding that means color service of soldier is equal to max permissible service length of the a civilian and when a soldiers is retired at younger age after his color service, his take home life time career compensation shall not be lesser than a civilian who retires after his full length of service with no reserve liabilities.  

4. Any service more then soldier's color services is an additional service to state and needs to be given additional rewards.  That is the reason there are provisions in many armies to give pension up to 100% like US army.

5.    In military as officers lead from the front at their younger ages and have same training and working conditions in battles or otherwise, therefore like soldiers they are also given the same benefit of  color service with additional rewards for their leadership and state executive roles. Any additional service more than color service of officers require additional compensations as they retire in their pyramidal hierarchy structure.

6.  Working conditions of the soldiers as a principle are considered many times harder than the hardest of the working standards as defined by ILO. Soldiers also carry a commitment to give their lives for nations which no civilian work condition demands. In case of a risk a civilian in his hardest of the job, he is supposed to stop working following all safety procedures and leave the place to safety in shortest possible time. In case of a soldier he has to overcome the risk and can not leave the post even if he has to give his life if ordered. Therefore solders deserve special reward like Military Service Pay which is excluded in his compensation packages for drawing a parity with compensation packages of civilian employees.

7. Considering giving a compulsive  life time sovereign support commitments to soldiers most of the nations who are under constant threat in any form give assured pensions to their solders under Pay As You Go model. Nations like Australia who have lesser direct threats have turned to NPS model of pension to soldiers but soldiers in these model are given additional incentives in form of additional state contribution in their NPS than the civilians. Like in Australia state contribution in NPS is double than civilians.

With above principle and state commitments in mind generally following method is adopted for fixing salaries and pension of soldiers:

1. A base model is created taking into consideration the color service of a soldier and his assured pensions thereafter to work out a parity with civilians in terms of life time career compensations.

2. Special military incentives are additional to above base model.

3.  Any additional benefit which is given to soldiers like special food at Siachen is additional cost to state and is not considered as part of the  soldiers compensation model.

4. For any service more than color service soldiers are given additional benefits.

With above model in place, the cost of the state to maintain a regular standing armies go extremely high forcing them to adopt strategies to cut cost but without compromising on above explained model. Some of the tools used are:

1. If govt gives assured jobs to soldiers till retirement ages as specified for civilians, then the his pension is adjusted against the salary. However if he leaves civil job his pensions is restored.

2.  Nations keep smaller standing armies with provisions of calling reservists and keeping forces like Territorial Armies which could be mobelised for war within 3-6 months for a short term threat.

3.   Nations design mobilizations plans by creating certain silent reserves like NCC, Civil defense force, military veterans or arming and training civilian population living close to borders etc for long term threats to win a war in 3-5 years time.

4. Nations create additional forces in form of PMF and Police Forces for using them in duties like internal securities, borders guards and civil disturbances. Using military resources on border guard duties or counter insurgency operatiosn  as India is doing on LOC or in disturbed areas, increases the cost of the state and reduces power punch of military.

5. Young retiring officers and soldiers are used as national assets and employed by state in other duties like disaster management etc.

6. Military soldiers are encouraged to start up businesses. Govt supports starts up in incubators to support in terms of providing training, funding, credential support, JVst etc. Let us not forget in India also military entrepreneurs like Lt Col K P Singh of DLF, Capt Gopinathan of Deccan Airways and many,  have contributed in national GDP growth.  .

Nations cut cost by adopting different methods but at no stage, states cheat their own soldiers of standing serving armies. Indian Govt is actually cheating soldiers violating all established principles, citing no reasons and paying soldiers life time compensation which after 7th pay commission is lesser than forest guards.

With having explained above let us come to the questions as raised by two very senior IAS officers and Ex Chairman of 7th Pay Commission in the NDTV  show "We The People".

First argument was, Civilians are paid more as they serve longer? Let us see the fact? 

1. ILO standards exclude soldiers as their jobs are many times harder than hardest of the working conditions as specified by ILO.

2. Democratic Govts have worked out certain parity norms and as per that shorter color service of soldiers is considered equal to maximum service length of hardest of civilian job say 33 years in India.

3. The above argument was also accepted by first Indian Govt  when they fixed 75% pension for soldiers and 50% for officers comparing 25% to 30% of the civilians.

4 As a practice if soldier retires before his color service, his pension dues are lesser. Most govt start paying pensions to soldiers after 7-11 years of their service. But same is less than what they get at the end of the color service. In fact Indian govt has been cheating soldiers by not paying pensions to soldiers who quit jobs before completion of color service.  Worst sufferer are short service commissioned officers.

With above facts in mind the argument put forth by secy IAS association actually doesn't stand any ground if seen considering full length of civil service being equal to colour service of soldiers.

Second argument was "Why did you join as soldiers if you knew you will be paid lesser?" 

1. The same argument is also applicable to civilians? If you are paid less later on or your pay is not increased in subsequent pay commission, do civilians have right to go on strike? Why civilians negotiate and demand pay rise?

2. It is fundamental right given by Indian constitution to demand fair payments for the work services given and soldiers also have it? If Govts worldwide consider soldiering as many time harder work than hardest of the work conditions as specified by ILO than soldiers have constitutional right to demand more life time compensation and rewards than civilians? To pay less let govt justify soldiering being softer job than softest of work conditions as specified by ILO? Why are babus not explaining it? i do not think our constitution gives authority to govt to cheat or defraud soldiers?

Third argument was, "They live in their own world"? 

Mr Mathur, (I will not not call him Justice as use of this title by him or govt is unconstitutional. Attention of babus are drawn to article 18 of the constitution) I do not understand what does it mean?

1. Do you mean that soldiers shall also warm up palms of politicians and babus to get favor as many business associations or corporate houses do?

2. Do you mean that military officers also lobby politicians, judges and top babus and bribe them?

3. Do you mean retd soldiers shall also  form associations and give bribes to get govt policies changed.

4. Do you mean that soldiers shall become politically active?

It appears Mr Mathur has punished soldiers to please Cong as soldiers voted Modi. let us not forget he was appointed by UPA Govt. The quality of report which he has submitted create doubt over his qualification to even become judge?

Mr Mathur soldiers are suppose to live in their own world till politicians and babus screw up situations and call for help from military? As per our constitution, soldiers become visible in certain conditions till extend of even declaring martial laws, till then they are suppose to live in their own world. Please do not incite military.

7th Pay Commission recommendations, as accepted by govt has shattered soldiers belief in govt and that surely is a dangerous situation as no soldier fights to risk his death unless he has pride in his work and uniform, unless he has trust in his govt, his military leadership, cause, weapon systems, logistics and assured safety of his own wife and children. Best of the armies melt away if any of these factors are weak. Let us not forget Indian soldier did leave their posts in 62 wars at few locations.

As General Malik said; At the end of the day, "it is political leadership of the nation which has to take a call". Nation has to decide whether she wants a professional military which can effectively deter wars and threats and win it if enemies make a wrong choice or Ghasi Ram ki Fauj paid lesser than forest guards. Political decisions influenced by corrupt babus with ulterior motives and infested with god like egos will lead to wrong decisions and surely result in nation paying heavy costs. In given security situation, in spite of nukes and plethora of missiles, India is still struggling to ensure an effective defense to her. Certain wrong decisions in relation to reward systems of soldiers giving them a feeling of inferiority and hurting their pride will prove to be disastrous to the moral of troops affecting their war fighting capabilities. After all it is men behind machines which matter most and India is yet to get a robotic army which could be controlled by babus sitting in AC offices in Delhi.

Let good sense prevail.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Those Who Beg Get Coins Only. Military Pleading Corrupt Establishment for Justice #7thCPC

While discussing step motherly treatment being given to soldiers by govt once I told a serving army commander "Those who beg get chillar (Coins) only". I was from his unit and regiment and in his personal staff. He knew my habit of being blunt but somehow he always liked my arguments, so he discussed it further. He asked, what is the solution?  I said in our democracy military has a constitutional role, play it and communicate with govt as mother conveys with her child with firm eyes.

In 1994 when Gen VP Malik was commandant staff college, he created a very positive environment for intellectual discussions and learning. I am his big fan. Being from Madras Regt and coming for staff college from my center co-located at same location, I was not given accommodation by the college as I was told to retain station accommodation.  My house was close to house of Gen Malik and some times in evening we used to cross each others path while walking with our families. Gen Malik is rare breed of General who is honest, intellectually very strong, humble and visionary. Sometimes, we used to stop for a while for a small chit chat. General  and Mrs Malik liked children and they used to play with my elder daughter; Ankita. This General has towering sweet personality which can melt biggest of ego. I could feel his pain when he made his famous statement as army chief during Kargil War " We will fight with whatever we have". he is a true nationalist but he could also not make any dent on corrupt and arrogant political establishment.

So during staff college, when Gen Malik was commandant, a two days seminar on "Higher Poltical Management of War" was conducted. Many known personalities from civil attended it. We students were allowed to participate.  We were lucky to have late Inder Mehrotra participating with us but for first one and half days he kept quite. Rightly so all key issues related to subject were flagged and discussed highlighting gaps in political directions. At last late Inder Mahrotra spoke. As my tribute to this true Indian I put his words on records here as I remember and recreate.

He said and I quote;

"Gentlemen I am fortunate to have attended this seminar. Rarely we civilians find an opportunity to discuss such subjects of national importance with military leadership and that also in such open and frank environment. I have never seen it happening at least in military environment so far and I compliment Gen Malik for same. I have been hearing various speakers from military and civil both and the discussions therein. I am impressed with the young military officers who have participated in these discussions so openly and some of the arguments which they have made has touched my intellectual reasoning also. At least now I know our democracy is in safe hands.

With that confidence , let me share my observation on the subject with you? Why shall you blame political leadership of the country? If you say they do not have required expertise in matter of management of war then isn't your constitutional duty to educate political leadership? Why shall you blame babus? Is it their job?  I have seen military chiefs walking in office of the PM and talking to him directly on urgent matters of national importance and I have also seen chiefs pleading with defense secretory to get a favor from defense minister? Well if their are gaps in higher political management of war then whom should you blame?  I blame senior leadership of military in having failed in their constitutional duty to effectively communicate with political leadership? Why shall you go through a babu? If there are no military war doctrines or political strategy of war, my question to you is, have you drafted one and put it up to political leadership for their approval?  If there were no clear written orders of govt for war in 62, 65 or 71 wars, why shall you accept such unwritten orders? Did you insist for it? Gentleman I stop here and leave it for your judgement for further discussion on what I have said. ".


There was pin drop silence but after few moment few young officers got up to discuss it further to sheer discomfort of some Generals attending the seminar. As usual with his cheerful smile, Gen Malik at last intervened positively petting the young officers with a word of caution to leave it to senior leadership of the military and have trust.  The seminar had a positive impact when Army Navy and Airforce drafted their war doctrines and submitted for approval of Govt. ( I will request Gen Malik to correct me if I have misquoted).

I am quoting this story to ask present senior military leadership, the same question? Have you on military reward and compensation submitted any comprehensive professional model to the Govt for their considerations? As I know, joint pay commission cell of the military has been only submitting recommendations and then trying to build argument to plead with babus. There have never been any attempt by military to submit a comprehensive proposal separately to bring structural changes in reward system of military keeping in line with the best practices followed by best of functioning democracies. Military leadership has the authority and space to conduct such study and submit a proposal for the approval of Govt. The same proposal can also be then circulated to standing committee of Parliament for their assessment and recommendations. The proposal shall analyse issues like standing military commission, resettlement of the ex servicemen etc in detail. Please note that by law it is the command responsibility of every military commander to look after the welfare of his men under his command? The Chetwood motto also says so. 

Military commanders therefore can not shed their responsibilities showing their helplessness quoting various letters written by them to govt and babus ignoring them. Can babus be Bhagya Vidhtata of constitutional Military Authority? Why should military leadership or veterans beg for justice bringing Izzat in between? First do your homework and your job? Put it on record and its serious repercussion on military fighting capabilities. After all quality of compensation packages have direct bearing on status and performance out put of any organisation. 

In a democracy like India, where justice system has collapsed and taking decades to deliver whatever it may be called but surely not justice, where the kinds of scams which are unearthed on almost daily basis, where corruption rules in govt offices, where babus behave like gods, where arrogance and egos have blinded wisdom, where crony capitalist give an impression of owning govts, where farmers are committing suicide and soldiers being harassed and their properties being grabbed by criminal mafia, will reasoning for justice or Izzat work? It wont and that is what is happening when babus are declining recommendations of military citing no reasons or justifications. Why waste time sitting on Jantar Mantar and get humiliated? Will such corrupt, blind and arrogant minds ever understand the reason?

let military leadership do what they are suppose to do in any democracy and as authorized by constitution?  Military is well within its rights with out any reference to Govt, to order a study to make a comprehensive proposal to restructure entire reward and compensation system keeping in lines with best HR practices as relevant to military and followed in functioning democracies. The proposed structure shall also be affordable, should cut down the cost and improve efficiency. It shall in its terms of reference include giving proposals on subjects like "Standing Military Commission" and Resettlement of Ex Servicemen, bringing any amendments in constitution like placing welfare and resettlement of soldiers as a subject in concurrent list, making laws under article 309-313 of the constitution and any other. Why shall military only wake up when Govt orders Pay Commission? or unending fooling system of various committees start? 

I don't think Izzat can be earned by begging. Do your job as envisaged in constitution and what you are suppose to do as per your oath and your commitment to democracy. No Govt or political leadership or babu is above constitution. Let good sense prevail.