Saturday, August 13, 2016

#JudiciaryUnderAttack? Really? Chief Justice is On Oath to Defend Constitution. What is he doing ? Playing Politics?

As reported in media, Chief Justice of India has expressed his concern over delay in appointment of judges by Govt. His expression has caused a debate in social media.

Let us see action of justice objectively. Chief Justice is well withing his right to to communicate to govt discreetly about his concern in delay of appointment of judges. If govt was not responding he should had taken suo moto cognizance  and asked for govt files in court.

But what has he done? He has chosen to spoke in open media? Why? Obviously he has intentions to create political ripples.

Other related issue is. Has Justice ever taken any action to curb corruptions in courts? Has Justice ever taken any action to reduce decades of litigation to acceptable time limits?

Any citizen of this country expect justice system to deliver justice within maximum three years without causing any disrespect and fear and without him or her paying any bribe? What are the plans for Chief Justice to ensure that? Has he shared any of these?

Justice System in the country has collapsed?

As per constitution only two people take oath to defend constitution? One President as Supreme Commander of Defense Forces and second Chief Justice by up holding rule of law? Please note that PM of India only takes oath of allegiance to abide by constitution.

If the defense and justice system are under pressure than as per oath it is responsibility of Supreme Cdr and Chief Justice to act.

Justice system in the country has already collapsed due to decades of litigation and corruption. No person of self respect like to go to court? Where is truth and where is its victory?

Chief Justice, instead of playing politics, shall seriously do his job and present a plan and execute same to ensure delivery of justice to citizens. Yes delay in appointment of judges is a cause of concern but communicate same with govt discreetly and take action if govt fails to give response.

Let Good Sense Prevail.