Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pakistan Selling Terror to Terrorized World. 22 Pak Members Of Parliament Being Send as Envoys on Kashmir

Nawaz Sharif Govt has announced sending 22 selected members of parliament to various part of the world to draw global attention to the alleged atrocities in the Kashmir and so called home grown freedom struggle. 

Pakistan is trying hard to convince the world that:

1. Violence in form of stone pelting on Security Forces in Kashmir Valley are not terror acts but home grown mass freedom struggle.

2. Pakistan is forced to support these so called freedom fighters politically and morally in light of Kashmir dispute as unfinished agenda of Indian partition and also UN resolution.

3. Indian allegations of Pakistan supplying arms and sending across terrorists are false and baseless.

Pakistan believes that their diplomatic blitzkrieg undertaken globally will help her create a favorable global opinion on Kashmir and force India to come on negotiation tables in spite of she fueling proxy war in valley. It will help Pakistan to talk with India from position of strength and get a solution what she wants.

Indian stand is that, talks on Kashmir are meaningless as long as terror activities and proxy war in Kashmir are being sponsored by Pakistan. Peace is a precondition for any meaningful talks.

Proxy war in Kashmir being fueled by Pakistan and only 5% of Sunni Muslims with Radicalized Jehadi mindsets supporting her is a known fact to the whole world. Pakistan is sponsoring these radicalized mindsets to brew trouble in India. 

World peace today faces a real threat from Radicalized Islamic Jehadi barbaric violence. Will the terrorized world accept Pakistani argument of home grown freedom struggle when the role of such Jehadi mindsets in Kashmir violence is a well known? Certainly Not.

Pakistani Prime Minister Navaz Sahrif knows the above fact well but he is still creating a deceptive illusion for fooling the people of Pakistan. Sharif is loosing the grip on his votes in Pak Punjab and is likely to face a defeat in next elections. In last elections, he won with support of internationally banned terror organisations like Lashkar-E-Toiba. Pakistani education system inserts the hate India psychology among poor youths which acts as nursery to terror organisations like Lashkar or Taliban and even ISIS (as also alleged by Afghanistan). No Pakistani politician who wins elections based on his support in Pak Punjab, can ignore this nursery of terror. Naturally it is compulsive on Nawaz to keep this terror mind set satisfied by creating such lies and deceptive violent smoke screens as Pak is creating now on Kashmir.

22 Members of Parliament will surely enjoy world tour on public money and also help Nawaz to keep Kashmir pot boiling till his next elections. Boiling Kashmir pot also helps BJP in India, to impress their voters under their plans to incite emotions of nationalism and threat of Islam. 

With the present pattern of activities, it looks that Kashmir pot will be kept boiling for some time now as it is a win win situation for BJP and Nawaz Sharif both. Whereas people will keep suffering and solider will be tired being on guard 24*7.