Saturday, August 13, 2016

Army Captain Beaten by UP Police for Bribe; Will Army Desert Him? @adgpi @manoharparrikar @CMOfficeUP

Army Captain Beaten UP by Police for Bribe; Will Army Desert Him?

A very disturbing report is coming from Faizabad UP; where UP Police has beaten up a serving army Captain for bribe. As per initial reports, Army Captain was on leave and while driving his car there was a minor accident. Matter went to police wherein police asked Captain to pay bribe to hush up incident.  As reported, army captain refused to pay bribe which led to heated argument and police then mercilessly beat up serving army captain in spite of the knowing his identity. 

It is not first time police has beaten soldiers like this. Soldiers, military veterans and their families are in fact increasingly becoming victims of lawlessness and criminal mafia having strong links with corrupt politicians and police. Recently there was a case where father of a serving army Captain was murdered in spite of Captain speaking to SP police and no help was rendered. Few years back mother of serving soldiers was mercilessly murdered. Soldiers launched a massive social media campaign, met every one including home minister even then the criminal who killed his mother was not arrested as he has strong political links.  In Noida last year, a retired army colonel was given no help when his son died in a swimming pool due to criminal negligence owned by a criminal having strong links with politicians. Many soldiers in service and on retirement find their property having been grabbed by their relatives or land mafia. When they go to courts they face more harassment due to corruption in courts and decades of litigations.

It is a serious problem which soldiers and their families face today wherein they find becoming victim of their own criminal and corrupt system. It is easy for soldiers to gain a victory over enemy but these enemies within attacking soldiers are proving to be more fatal.

In such case police will generally resort to a cunning game of covering the case:

1.       They will first create a false counter allegation against Captain and become offensive.

2.       As elections are approaching in UP, State govt is likely to file few cases against police accused where in they are not arrested and suspend few police men.

3.       Police investigation ordered by police will harass captain more by prolonging investigation to protect their own personals. It may take years and at last Captain will give up and army will lose interest in the case.

4.       Even if police files a charge sheet in court against police accused, case will linger on for years creating more harassment of captain. In UP courts corruption is the order of the day. Justice shall not be expected.

What options army has?

1.   Army Chief shall speak to the Chief Minister asking for a judicial inquiry or joint Military – Civil inquiry (Civil Magistrate). Please do not leave to the army cdr as CMs generally don’t give much importance to them. Once judicial or joint inquiry is over, Judge/ magistrate can order registration of cases and arrests of the accused.

2.     If state govt doesn’t agree then army shall go for its own COI. Army COI shall investigate and record statements including police accused and after that recommend criminal cases. Naturally police accused will refuse to attend army court of inquiry. Army has the option to get them arrested through warrants issued from civil courts.

3.      Once Army Court of Inquire is done recommend case for CBI action as no fair play from UP police is expected. Army Court of Inquire can surely recommend that. Central Govt may or may not accept it. Insist on it. If required Chief shall meet PM, Governor and CM for CBI action.

4.       Chief shall make sure in all such cases where serving soldiers or their families become victim of state atrocities. Cases are given for CBI action after due COI by the military.

Now real issue is will army stand up in defense of their officer or will they desert him?   Track record of army unfortunately is very bad. History tells us Army has been deserting their soldiers and officers in such cases leaving them to the mercy of criminal and corrupt system. The attitude of the army of deserting their soldiers in facts encourages criminals more to target soldiers. What army does only time will tell?

Let good sense prevail.

Note: the author as Adjutant of the training center has dealt with one such case. Where he advised his commandant for army COI in spite of state ordering a magistrate inquiry. Army COI created shock waves in police delivering desired results.