Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Are Foreign Arms Dealers Calling the Shots? Arrest of Ex Air Chief Tyagi & His Bail by Court.

Amazing it can only happen in India. 

CBI Court grants bail to arrested Ex Air Chief SP Tyagi observing that in spite of four years of investigation CBI has not produced any evidence to show bribe money trail reaching to him? That means Ex Air Chief was arrested on single evidence of diary note of a foreign arms dealer. 

In eyes of Indian Evidence Act such evidence doesn't provide enough ground for police or CBI to arrest a suspect even then CBI arrested Ex Air Chief? Does it mean police officers posted in CBI are not aware of provisions of Indian Evidence Act or other criminal laws? That is not the case. Police officers posted in CBI have good knowledge of law? Then why did they arrest Ex Air Chief S P Tyagi? It throws more questions?

1. Did blunt counter questioning of Ex Air Chief Tyagi while he was being questioned by CBI about suspected roles of babus and politicians of NDA and UPA Govt annoy Foreign Arms- Babu- Politician Mafia and they decided to tech him a lesson?

2. Did IPS officers leading CBI want to flaunt their powers over military chiefs and arrest him to scare others?

3. Was Ex Air Chief used us a pawn in political wrestling between BJP and Cong ?

4. Was it a warning shot by political party in power to all serving and retired chiefs and Generals to toe political lines of party in power or face such humiliating arrests? (this will start a new cycle when other political party comes in power)

5. Was it a warning shots by defence industrial complex and arms dealers owning many govts globally to Indian Military Chiefs and Generals to toe their lines? In internal game of arms sale rivalry many dirty games may be played? (Latest update from Italy- case is reopened by their courts)

Whatever is the reason but fact is after arrest of Ex Air Chief S P Tyagi on  fishy evidence, a precedence has been set wherein all serving and retired chiefs and generals are now prone to such actions and thus to blackmails by foreign arms dealers, politicians and babus. The institution of armed forces is under attack from corrupt mafia which has strong links with foreign agents. It is surely a dangerous trend which has potential to  kill the entire defense  mechanism of India. 

In above situation it becomes more essential for present Air Force Chief to take over the case under Military laws to protect institutional credentials of armed forces and  save Indian defense mechanism from collapsing. To  restore credential of armed forces this case needs to be investigated impartially to bring the facts on records and book the culprits.  Armed Forces governed by their own laws shall not rely on CBI to give them the certificates of honesty? 

Those who are trying to copy Erdogan shall also be shown the pathetic performance of Turkish Army in Syria and against Kurds. It is a clear indicator of downfall of Turkey. Let us not play with Indian defense specially so when China is knocking at your doorsteps in Nepal and Bangladesh. Time is friend of none and it surely doesn't pardon any one who commit strategic mistakes.  May God bless this country and prevent those flaunting arrogance of power from pushing this country to another era of slavery.