Thursday, March 30, 2017

Difference Between Sanatan Dharma and Hindutwa. Sanatan Dharma Accommodates All Religions Including Islam

In political circle use of word 'Hindutwa' is quite frequent and being used for politics of polarisation. General impression is being created among youths that Hindutwa is nothing but Sanatan Dharma. But is it so? Let us carry out a check?

Q 1 - Are Sanatan Dharma & Hindutwa not same?

Answer -

No. Sanatan Dharma is more of way of life which is supposed to be lived following certain fundamentals which are more of humane in nature and is not a religion. Whereas Hindutwa makes an attempt to make a religion out of Sanatan Dharma and pitches it against other religions like Islam and Christianity and tries to use it for political advantage.

Q 2- What is the difference between Dharma and Religion?


Sanatan Dharma is broad path for humans which can have many panths and sampradya. Sanatan Dharma talks about human lives as a flow of rivers, which may have origin like steams from different places, travel in different country side but at the end meet in same sea. It talks of unity in diversity. Krishna said in Geeta every human shall follow his own path as he believes is right. Sanatan Dharma is based on four main fundamentals

1. Objective of human life is to liberate from sufferings and achieve Nirvana or Mokcha by realising truth of cosmic existence. Every religion including Islam has described this stage in different forms as perceived or understood in a given time and place. Every enlighten human may describe it in his own words.

2. To achieve that humans shall make attempt to awaken consciousness (Chetna) or follow path of Bhakti as with out awakening consciousness or bhakti  it is not possible to achieve Nirvana or Mokcha. God is interpreted as per the stage of consciousness. People of lesser consciousness worship statues whereas with higher consciousness follow the path of Chintan and meditation  .

3. Every human shall use the God gifted reason to awaken consciousness as it is not possible to do so without constant reasoning with self and with surroundings. It is fundamental right of every human to reason every teachings and adopt it as per his or her understanding. Sanatan Dharma discourages indoctrination of minds to create false strong and impulsive impressions of blind faiths.

4. The human reasoning shall be done in the atmosphere of peace where all emotions are stable and balanced and the reason can prevail. Called Sat Sangh- The company of truth.

Sanatan Dharma applies above fundamental principles on all humans and gives them freedom to choose  their own path as realized by them provided above principles are not violated. The teachings of Sanatan Dharma can accommodate any religion and have universal applications.

Whereas Hinduism as promoted by concept of Hindutwa is more like religion which tries to differentiate from other religions. Religions by concept have more strict codes and does not give space to reason. It wants humans to follow and believe what is preached by few notified people of elite classes. Religions promote indoctrination of minds and support radicalism.  Religions have political objectives of establishing supremacy of one thought over others. Religions try to control money and always have commercial objectives as part of its order. Extreme radicalism may lead to barbaric violence.

Hindutwa tries to create a religious order citing teachings of Sanatan Dharma and adopts a very narrow approach.

Q 3. How is it so that approach of Sanatan Dharma is broad and can be followed by all humans and approach of Hindutwa is narrow?


Sanatan Dharma is not only broad but it has 360 degree approach in all three dimensions of human existence. A Muslim following Islam peacefully reasoning its teaching interpreting it in light of modern science is following Sanatan Dharma as any other Budhist, or Chritian or Sikhs, Or Jain or Jews, or Shaive or vaishnav in similar manner. Where as Hindutwa tries to hi jack teachings of Sanatan Dharam to present it as religion playing it against religions.

Question 4. So does it mean concept of Hindutwa tries to degrade Sanatan Dharma?


yes. As explained Sanatan Dharma has very broad based approach and acts as glue to cement brotherhood and love among all faiths where as Hindutwa tries to create a very narrow faith.